Friday, 7 January 2011

Psalm 1 - A fruitful Life

The life described in this first Psalm is a fruitful life. It is one that has a yield, is healthy and prosperous. It is a life that is like a tree planted by a stream. Taking in and giving out in a disciplined cycle. The picture painted is one of a relaxed yet intentional purpose - and that is how we should be.

What is your life like? Are you at peace with yourself and your lot, or are you always dissatisfied and angry with life? Maybe today is a good time to stop and be thankful. To accept that the grass is not greener on the other side. The continual longing for more can be damaging to our relationships, our health and, indeed, our life itself.

So today, sit for five minutes and "count your blessings" - think of the promises and truths in the Bible and be thankful. List three of your favourite verses (or, if you are new to this, maybe start here with Psalm One). So remember, the "fruitful tree" person is one who keeps their focus on the promises in the Bible.

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